Reusable Fresh Wraps

Beeswax & Candelilla Wax Food Wraps

These wraps are antibacterial, biodegradable and keep food fresh longer. Reuse over 100 times and reduce the amount of plastic pollution while supporting pollinators.

All proceeds go towards helping pollinators thrive.


Reduce the use of single-use plastic and help pollinators thrive.


Since 2016, Kelly Davies has been keeping honey bees in the backyard of Arbutus Coffee as part of a Greenest Neighbourhood Small Grant project.She promotes the importance of all pollinators and is very passionate about sustainable living, community development & education. She shares these passions with others through her Urban Beekeeping & Apitherapy Workshop Series

How To Use:

1. Warm wrap in your hands

2. Wrap item

3. Create a seal with the warmth of your hands

*Avoid wrapping uncooked meat and using in microwave or freezer*

Care Instructions:

1. Hand wash withcold water & alcohol-free soap

2. Pat with towel or hang to dry

*Do not put in dishwasher or washine machine*

With good care these wraps can be reused over 100 times!


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Small: 7x7" - $6

Medium: 10x10" - $9

Large: 13x13" - $11

Extra Large: 22x13" - $18

Bag (wrap size):

Small: 6x9" (12x10") - $10

Medium: 10x12" (22x13") - $18

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Reusable Fresh Wraps

100% organic cotton, jojoba oil, & natural beeswax.