Beekeeping 101 – Getting Started!

1. Join your local bee club!
2. Take a certified beekeeping course.
3. Build your own hive or buy one from your local bee supply store.
4. Get some bees!

I became interested in bees 3 years ago after learning about various environment threats to bees while I was completing my undergrad. One day, while talking with Doug, the Owner of Arbutus Coffee, we came up with the idea to get bees in the backyard! This happened to be great timing because the Vancouver Foundation and Kitsilano Neighbourhood House were offering Greenest Neighbourhood Small Grants for projects that made the neighbourhood more ‘green’. We successfully received funding for our Urban Beekeeping project!

I tried contacting Hives For Humanity ( a local non-profit organization that allows you to host a couple beehives in your yard, but they were already at full capacity for the season. They recommended a few different beekeeping courses that I could take before getting my own bees.

I decided to enroll in a BCHPA certified 24-hour course over 3 days and 10 days later we got our first nuc! 🙂



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